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Scheduling & Programming

We have a variety of shows and music for everyone's enjoyment. Shows may change without notice. 

Monday - Friday Lineup 

12AM - 8AM Music 

8AM - 10AM "Breaking Dawn" with Ms DayBreak  

10AM - 12PM "Morning's With Da Queen" with Angie Bee  

12PM - 2PM "Power Push" with Deya Smith 

2PM - 6PM Music 

6PM - 8PM "Show Title Here" with Host (Coming Soon)   

8PM - 10PM "The Nightly Vibes"

10PM - 12AM Music 


Saturday Lineup 

12AM - 6AM Music 

6AM - 10AM Music/Show 

10AM - 12PM Show (Coming Soon) 

12PM - 12:30PM "BGR Podcast" 

12:30PM - 6PM Music 

6PM - 7PM "DJ Network Show"   

7PM - 8PM Music 

8PM - 10PM "Saturday DJ Mixxdown" with DJ Bostic  

10PM - 12AM Music 


Sunday Lineup 

6AM - 8AM Music 

8AM - 10AM "Morning Praise Mixx" with DJ Godfrey 

10AM - 12PM Talk 

12PM - 2PM Music 

2PM - 4PM "Live with MrC"  

4PM - 6PM Talk 

6PM - 8PM "Fusion Sunday's" with DJiRockJesus 

8PM - 12AM Music 

Music Equipment

Get in Touch

If you have any questions and/or concerns regarding the lineup or if you are interested in having your show added to our lineup, please visit the contact us page and leave a short detailed message. Thank you. 

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