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Breaking Ground Radio is available on various platforms. Here are some spots where you can listen. 


24/7 Listen Live:

Live365 & 


Podcast Now Available on:

Apple Podcasts 

Spotify for Podcast  

 Google Podcasts 

Amazon Music/Audible 

Tunein + Alexa 

and more! 

BGR Playlist Now Available on: 

Spotify Playlist 

Apple Music 

BGR ALL-STAR TOP 20 (Indie) 

This playlist is curated by BGRadio charting some of the top 20 indie artists in the industry. It's designed to help promote and push indie artists into various platforms. Follow us on social media @BGRADIO4U 

Bgr all-star 20 Covers_edited.jpg

24/7 Live Streaming 

We are streaming live 24/7 online. Listen to our radio station by clicking the link below or the player in the tab. Soon you can also download the app to your device and listen on the go! (Mobile App Coming Soon) 

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You listen to BGR podcast anywhere! 

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